Feasibility Study for the Media Fund in Serbia

Niš, September 10, 2014 – Media and Reform Center Nis, in cooperation with the Institute for Sustainable Communities, supported by USAID, conducted a feasibility study on the independent Media Fund. The study was done leading national consultants in the areas of fundraising and strategic planning, a part of the research conducted by a team of the Bureau of Social Research – BIRODI.
The study was conducted in order to determine whether there is interest in establishing an independent media that would help fund the development of the media, and included representatives of donors, businesses, government, media and citizens.
The results showed the complexity of the Serbian media scene, which is the impetus for further work on the establishment of such a fund or development of already established ways of supporting media, especially in light of the new media law passed.
Different groups of stakeholders surveyed the media scene in Serbia, pointed out that the media lacks quality content, primarily in the area of deeper political and economic analysis, and critical debate about the problems that citizens face every day. Also, the underrepresentation of education, science and culture in the media programs, is one of the strongest impressions of the respondents.
The establishment media fund would contribute to positive changes in certain aspects of the media, and the results would be of higher quality media content more accessible to the general public. Also, partnership and trust between citizens and the media, who yearn for a more objective and better informing, it is necessary to further strengthen and develop.
To this end, as a kind of presentation of this document, Media and Reform Center Nis launches a debate with the participation of public figures invited to voice their opinions through editorials, which will be published in daily newspapers and in on-line media.

Complete feasibility study on the independent media fund can be found here, in Serbian and English

Through the links below you can download Serbian / English version of the Study:

FINAL Report Media Fund Feasibility Study Final  – ENG