Niš- ratna prestonica

The documentary film Niš war capital” implemented in production of Media and Reform Center Niš with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, is the first comprehensive cinematic display in the era of World War II. Drawing on the resources of the time, the testimony of participants and contemporaries, the film gives a comprehensive view of the city life of residents, as well as a large refugee community, destructive power of war brought in new capital. What did Niš look like in these times of war, what was the role of foreign diplomats and aid workers in the preservation of Serbia and Nis, thow much that changed the settled life of small Serbian town, we can see from the memories and memoirs of contemporaries, which was carefully collected and processed for film historian Milan Randjelovic.

The film “Niš war capital” is another in a series of historical scientific and educational films produced by the Media and reform center.